Golden Arches Translation Services
German-English & English-German
Andrea Klemer, Dipl.-Betriebswirtin (BA)


Golden Arches offers many different areas of translation services. Here are a few of our offers (if you cannot find the area you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email: info @ (no spaces)):

Private Area
- private correspondance, letters...
- lyrics (music)
- private homepages / internet sites
- German instructions for use
School/ University
- Report Cards, Progress Reports
- Term Papers, thesis
Job / Career
- Reports
- Speeches
- Applications, Curriculum Vitaes in German
- brochures
- offers
- advertisements
- homepages / internet sites
Major Area in Horse Breeding, Performance Sports, Horse Keeping & Boarding:
- Marketing brochures, texts for internet sites, ads etc.
- Correspondence with German, Austrian or Swiss breed associations, journals, breeders, trainers etc.
- Supporting you with applications for German, Austrian or Swiss registration papers for horses
- Curriculum Vitaes and applications for jobs/ internships in German training or breeding stables, tack stores etc.
- Sale/ Buy correspondence (horses, saddles)
- Literature, special reports of equine aspects (riding, breeding, training, boaeding, keeping...), books, journals
- Correspondence with German horse show judges
- Phone Calls to Germany
- ...

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